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Thangginom Hangshing
Co-founder & Admin
Chingngaihlian Tunglut
Co-founder & Counselor
Pastor M Thangkhenmung
Thangsuanmung Tunglut

‘The Abundant Life’ is a place for people who want to get real about the struggle with the myriads of problems faced in everyday life.

This website came into being when two unlikely but kindred spirits in whose hearts God has planted a common vision of reaching out to people looking for help emotionally and spiritually.


It all happened one day when Thangginom incidentally shared about an idea he had to Chingngaihlian. They went on to discuss about the concern they each had, to reach out to people: People who are troubled and are looking for answers and reliefs from the life’s hurts, problems and struggles in mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of being human with feelings.


With continued brainstorming and prayers and most importantly, the inspiration, helping and guiding hand from the One above resulted in their common dream to become a reality in the form of this website. The dream was to provide a platform for people who are in mental and spiritual distress to be able to talk about their problems by means of an easily, instantly and constantly accessible website without being judged and with the assurance of a 100% confidentiality.


This online platform hopes to provide people with encouragement and hope and also accompany them along as they find their answers that are morally sound and Biblically true.

The Abundant Life, as the Holy Spirit revealed to us, is not only desirable but the only life every Christian must really strife for. And we have every intention to do our part in God’s Will for Mankind.


We cannot help mentioning that the name for the website was received during prayer and that the whole website and it’s work is dedicated to God and for His glory alone. Soli Deo Gloria!

Our Mission

Our Mission consist of a bifold of concerns which we firmly believe are essential for the Christian, especially in the current times.


1) At ‘The Abundant Life‘, we recognize the need and therefore aim to provide a ‘non-judgemental’ and ‘confidential’ place for people who wanted to talk about their struggle with life’s experiences without the need to worry about compromising their identity or personal story (Galatians 6:2).


Besides, we also have deep concern and desire to reach out, especially to those who are struggling with Mental Health Issues like anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts among others as well as Spiritual issues. We are of the firm belief in What Jesus said when He said that He came to give us abundant life. We have personal life experiences and have been witnesses that life can be abundant despite its uncertainty, amidst the certainty of suffering and sicknesses, and the inevitable pain caused by death.


This website is our way of reaching out to people to tell them that the Devil may have a lot of influences to steal, kill and destroy everything God intend for our good, as seen in the first phrase of John 10:10, but that we have hope of ‘the Abundant Life’ that Christ promised in the second phrase of John 10:10. Believing and having experienced that the One who is in us is stronger than the One who is in the world (1 John 4:4), we want to encourage people through counselling and prayer and our writings to overcome and begin to live the life for which Christ died. And we assure you that we are here to try our best to help people do just that in person or online with the option to stay anonymous if they so choose.


2) We also realize how hard and real the struggle against our flesh is since we are still in the world with our sinful nature getting the better of us. Yet are commanded to not conform to the patterns of the world which is giving in to the desires of the flesh!


We also understand that we are not only commanded to not conform to the patterns of the world but are further commanded to be transformed by renewing our minds which is very important if we have the intention to understand God’s Will (Romans 12:2).


We have also come to realize how difficult, yet essential it is to maintain our discipleship in our everyday journey as Christians and therefore live life abundantly just as Christ promised in John 10:10. Our desire, therefore is also to provide through counselling and prayer the mentoring that a Christian needs to become the disciple that Christ Jesus called.


The services offered/provided through The Abundant Life’s online platform can also be availed through one-on-one counselling and mentoring sessions by contacting us at our given contact number(s) for appointments and arrangements respectively in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and also Lamka whenever our Counsellor, Mrs Chingngaihlian Tunglut have trips there.


Most of the responses to online Questions and help sought will be taken care of by the Counselor. The one-on-one or interpersonal sessions will also be taken by her. If and when a male counsellor/Pastor is required, we will also gladly make that arrangement appropriately and according to the preference of the person who seeks such type of requests.

Our Team currently includes,

1) Thangginom Hangshing, He is one of our co-founder. Apart from writing our ‘Weekly Inspiration’ and expending himself  in technological works in church and community, he is also our technological whiz who single handedly created, managed and run this website.

2) Mrs. Chingngaihlian Tunglut, She is one of our co-founder and our in-house counsellor. She does freelance counselling in church and community. She is also involved as a counsellor at Bombay YMCA Counselling Centre, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

3) Pastor M. ThangkhenmungAdviser. He is currently ministering as the Local Pastor at EBC Church in Kanaan Veng, Lamka

4) Thangsuanmung TunglutAdviser.

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