January 2

January 2, 2022

(Ni khat khit ni khat zel a, ni 365 sung kipaak dia chouna) – Chingngaihlian Tunglut

Ni 2na (January 2):
Kumthak lopna thawm bang dai gawpta in, ngeina dan bang in ni painawn zelta mah bang hi. Ahihalah, kumthak ni nihn ni pen kumthak ni sang in a manphatna neepzaw tuanlou hi. Huaimah bang in, ei leng kum thak ni nihni in ki neepzaw tuanlou hi. Niteng siamtu Pathian ahihziak in, niteng in i kipaak diing uhi. Mi khenkhatte adi’n kumthak toh kiton a thupuukna thak laak himahleh, mi khenkhatte adi’n thupuukna omsate hihthakna leng hidiing hi. Thil hoih ahi. Khelhna in hon luah gige a, i lungtang uh khemhaat leh hoihlouhna a pumdim himahleh, hoih utna nei in, thilhoih leh ahoihzaw deihna i nei uhi. A sitheingeilou tupguhna toh Khasiangthou a thop i hihtaak ziak un, thil dangteng sang in Pathian toh i kizopna uh delh diing in hasot in i om uhi. Taangtawn vai diing toh kisai khual diing i nei uhi. Himahleh, taangtawn vai diing khualna hun di’n ni simtham lek i nei uhi.
Tuni bawltu Pathian kiang ah kipahthu gen ni. Tuni toh kiton a Amah toh i kikal geelfelna dia hunlem hon pia ahihman in i kipaak petmah hi. Ni thak ahih toh kiton a, ei ah leh eite tungtawn a, Amah lemgeelsate hong taksuak ahihziak inleng i lungdam hi.

Laisiangthou kawkmuhna: Sam 118:24 ; Sam 90:12 ; Sam 51:5 ; Jeremia 17:9 ; Romte 7:15; Sam 119:2 ; Matthai 5: 14-16.

Chingngaihlian Tunglut

Chingngaihlian Tunglut

She is one of the two co-founders and the in-house counsellor. Her freelancing works include lots of voluntary and 'Pro Bono' counselling in church and community. She is also extensively involved as a counsellor at Bombay YMCA Counselling Centre, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. She has been trained and certified in several Mental Health and associated courses. She is also a certified trainer. She is passionate about young people and the issues they face. She has facilitated workshops on Mental Health and other relevant issues and is involved as facilitator in counselling courses and Sunday School teachers training from time to time.

(Please contact her for seminars and workshops about adolescent and youth issues and mental health etc. As a trainer, she is also passionate about training and equipping people to better serve the body of the Lord Jesus Christ in children, youth and women ministry)
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