Paunaakte 22:6
A paina ding lampi ah naupang chiil in, huan a upat hun na ngawn in leng huai a kipan a paimang kei ding hi.

‘Chiil’ i chih chiang in, thuhilh hizawlou in, ‘mit a muhtheih dia lak a sinsak’ chihna hizaw hi. Kampau leh omdan diing hilh a hilh thoh sang in muhtheih leh etton taak in hinkhua zang le’ng ‘chiil’ dik kisuak diing hi.

Tu a naupang hong khangthak dite i houpihdan uh tu khonung in saptuam leh khotang ah muhtheih in hong kilangkhe diing hi. Tulel a i kampau leh omdan innsung, saptuam leh khotaang a amuhte mah uh hon zangtou diing ahih ziakun, etton tak a piichingte i om uh Pathian mai a i mohpuak uh ahi.

I mi zahtatte zahtattak in ki houpih hi. Huaidan in naupangte le amau hihna tan a zahtatdan om ahi. Naupang chia ninbawl leh nawlkhin hang a, ka ‘ta’ chia van neitu’n a van akineihsak dan a tate bawl hang a, a omdan uh Nu-le-pa, saptuam leh khotang standard toh akituahlouh chiang a, ‘THUMANGLOU’, ‘MIGILOU’ chi a ademte leng a khanletna ua mohpuakna neikha ngen kihizel hi. A hun hong tun chiang a, amohpuakna uh la dia thakhat a sawl leh dinmun ziak in nget in omzel zomah uhi. Ahuchih chiang in ahi diingdan theilou a buai den tampi om uhi chih tulel khang a omte tungtawn in chet theih hi.

Etton taak diing in kampau leh omdan ah pilvang ni hang (1 Korinthte 11:1). Huchilou in zaw, i mangthai gai di uh. Ase sa bawlhoih sang in asiatma a kepbit in thil tampi siatbeh diing veng zaw hi.

Nu leh pa etton tak hi diing in Jesu Khrist mitsuan kawm in pai ni maw!

-Chingngaihlian Tunglut

May 01, 2020/Parenting_01


(Laigelh toh kisai kupbeh nuam a omleh, +91 9892316430 ah laigelhtu thuzaak theih diing hi.)
Chingngaihlian Tunglut

Chingngaihlian Tunglut

She is one of the two co-founders and the in-house counsellor. Her freelancing works include lots of voluntary and 'Pro Bono' counselling in church and community. She is also extensively involved as a counsellor at Bombay YMCA Counselling Centre, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. She has been trained and certified in several Mental Health and associated courses. She is also a certified trainer. She is passionate about young people and the issues they face. She has facilitated workshops on Mental Health and other relevant issues and is involved as facilitator in counselling courses and Sunday School teachers training from time to time.

(Please contact her for seminars and workshops about adolescent and youth issues and mental health etc. As a trainer, she is also passionate about training and equipping people to better serve the body of the Lord Jesus Christ in children, youth and women ministry)

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