Philippite 3:17
Unaute aw, kei hon entonte hi vek unla, kou non etton mah bang un zuih diing a ka hon piakte uh, a zui mite chiamteh un.


I chang teel ah, sawltak Paul in Philippite kiang a a lai khak ah, ‘kei hon enton un’ achi hi. Ei leng Jesu Khrist nungzui kichi sam i hihleh, mi khatpeuh kiang ah, ‘kei hon enton’ in i chi ngam diam? Tulel a eite dinmun toh bulhtuah leng; kikhom gigete achikei a, saptuam a naktak a kizangte a chikei a, thugen tampi ngaikhete achikei a, Bible simsuak te achikei a, Bible gelh suakte leng achi kei hi. Etton tak achihte ahihleh, Amah om bang a omte, huai ahihleh, paudaan, omdaan leh gamtat a niteng hinkhua a Pathianmitna langkhesak a Pathian thutak hinpihte ahi uhi. Mite’n ‘hiai minu/mipa zaw kikhom gige hiveh aw’ hon chih sang un, ‘kikhom gige inchin, Pathianthu hinpih zomah lai ahi’ hon chi zaw le uh etton taak ki hi pan diing hi.
Sawltak Paul in bangziak a amaute ombang a omte chiamteh poimoh sa ahia chih gen zek le’ng; Pathianthu mangte, Pathian laute, Khrisť tanchinhoih leh a Kumpigam a dia gentheih poisaloute, Pathianthu hinpih a, etton taak dia om; amaute toh ki chimat a, ki pawlkhawm a, kitheihtuah poimoh asak ziak a chiamteh tham ahihlam uh a gen tel ahi. Pathian’ mite kichimatna pen ki tathiamtuah na di’n poimoh a (Paunaakte 27:17), Pathian leng amaute lak ah om hi (Matthai 18:20). 


1 Korinte:4:16 ah, ‘Huaiziak in, ka omdan zui di’n ka hon ngen ahi’ chi’n ngetna a bawl nawn hi. Sawltak Paul in ‘kei hon enton un’ achih ziak a Jesu Khris sang a Amah lam mite’n en zaw dia deih chihna ahikei hi. ‘Jesu Khrist nei a hinpihte hichibang a hing uh ahi’ achihna ahi zaw hi. ‘Chituam diing a sap a a om bang ngei ua om uh ahi’ achih utna hizaw hi. Tuni’n, nang leh kei ah Jesu Khrist i neihlam ettontaak di’n a kilang khia hia?


Jesu Khrist mitsuan kawm ni maw, lawmte!
-Chingngaihlian Tunglut
May 08, 2020/NH_02
(Laigelh toh kisai kupbeh nuam a omleh, +919892316430 ah laigelhtu thuzaak theih diing hi)
Chingngaihlian Tunglut

Chingngaihlian Tunglut

She is one of the two co-founders and the in-house counsellor. Her freelancing works include lots of voluntary and 'Pro Bono' counselling in church and community. She is also extensively involved as a counsellor at Bombay YMCA Counselling Centre, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. She has been trained and certified in several Mental Health and associated courses. She is also a certified trainer. She is passionate about young people and the issues they face. She has facilitated workshops on Mental Health and other relevant issues and is involved as facilitator in counselling courses and Sunday School teachers training from time to time.

(Please contact her for seminars and workshops about adolescent and youth issues and mental health etc. As a trainer, she is also passionate about training and equipping people to better serve the body of the Lord Jesus Christ in children, youth and women ministry)

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