There Is A Right Time For Everything


KING SOLOMON wrote some of the most beautiful poems ever written. He writes: “There is a right time for everything, and everything on earth will happen at the right time. There is a time to be born and a time to die. There is a time to plant and a time to pull plants. There is a time to kill and a time to heal. There is a time to destroy and a time to build. There is a time to cry and a time to laugh. There is a time to be sad and a time to dance with joy. There is a time to throw weapons down and a time to pick them up. There is a time to hug someone. And a time to stop holding so tightly. There is a time to look for something. And a time to consider [accept that] it [is] lost. There is a time to keep things and a time to throw things away. There is a time to tear cloth and a time to sew it. There is a time to be silent and a time to speak. There is a time to love and a time to hate. There is a time for war and a time for peace” (Ecclesiastes 3:1–8, ERV).

Solomon’s words show us that life is about change. Yes, we experience changes in life from the time we are born. Sometimes the changes are good; sometimes bad. Sometimes we can control what happens to us; sometimes we cannot. This week we will look at the different times of our lives and how they can change us and our families.

– Thangginom Hangshing

Thangginom Hangshing

Thangginom Hangshing

He is one of our co-founder. Apart from writing our 'Weekly Inspiration' and expending himself  in technological works in church and community, he is also our technological whiz who single handedly created, managed and run this website.

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